You might find it funny to know that the literal translation of Nirvana, syllable for syllable, means

"Don't Get Blown Away." 

Velo Nirvana Cycling Training Gran Canar
Velo Nirvana Cycling Training Gran Canar

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Well, that's only partially true; in ancient Sanskrit, the three syllables (nir+var+na) actually had multiple meanings themselves, so when you combine them, they could be translated different ways, such as "To be free from entangled roots," or "To escape from the woven web."

But no matter which translation you pick, it is understood that to be in a state of Nirvana means to be free from those bonds that enslave us; I think that sums up perfectly how we feel about cycling…We hope a holiday with us will make you feel the same way too! 

We hope a holiday with us will make you feel the same way too! 

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My name is Greg Parker and I have been running cycling holidays and training camps since 2016 through my cycle coaching business GPCC 

Initially, the cycling training camps were for a week in Provence and purely for my coaching client’s but the demand has grown every year for others to join not as a training camp but simply as a fantastic cycling holiday with friends (new and existing!).

Over 90% of people who have attended one of the trips have returned and over 80% have attended a ‘camp’ every year! 

Provence is still a destination for one of our holidays and always will be! However, in 2020 after running 2 fantastic winter cycling camps in Gran Canaria, it was evident to myself and my wife that this was a place we wanted to make our home. Therefore, in August of 2020 we relocated to Gran Canaria and we now live here full time. 

With this move came the opportunity to offer regular and bespoke cycling trips in Gran Canaria along with our other offerings…… and Velo Nirvana was born! 





At Velo Nirvana, we have experience of providing people exactly what they want from their cycling holiday or camp. We have ridden literally thousands of miles riding the roads (and gravel routes) where you will experience your cycling adventure, we know the best routes, the best places to stop for essential refuelling (coffee and cake!) and we can tailor routes precisely to your group's ability and how much you want to be challenged! 

It is often said that the island of Gran Canaria is like a mini continent so there are days when riding the lush green forest slopes of the north will be glorious, other days you can experience the amazing coastal road along the south with the ocean to one side and the valleys and almost ‘wild west’ landscape with beautiful climbs on your other side. 


You will get to see the breathtaking views from Pico de las Nieves, ride through the beautiful gorges and forests of Moya, ride the stunning Serenity climb to Pres de Las Ninas and if you’re feeling really brave, you can take on the mighty Valley of tears! 

Velo Nirvana Cycling Training Gran Canar

Many of the generic cycling holidays just have their set routes and don’t have the flexibility to change them.


If you truly want to see what Gran Canaria has to offer to go for something different; a bespoke tour organised for you by Velo Nirvana.


We run regular set bike tours throughout the year. For latest news and dates see our FB page Or make your own! See our Bespoke Cycling Tours section on Facebook.

All rides led by a British Cycling qualified Trail Cycle Leader. Association of British Cycling Coaches level 3 coach. Cytech qualified mechanic.

Bike hire available. Contact us for details and pricing.


Bespoke trips designed specifically around your group. From 3 - 8 people.

Prices from just €15 per person per day! for supported, guided rides. Shuttle supported rides (see below) start at €30 per day per person.

Gravel Biking Fan?

Custom Gravel bike tours on some of the most beautiful (and mainly unexplored) routes on the island.

With our support vehicle, we can 'shuttle' riders and their bikes from one location to another so it's possible to collect you from your accommodation and start a tour from another part of the island! We can also carry your spare clothing, nutrition, water etc.




We have partnered with some of the most beautiful and unique accommodation on the island in a bid to provide you with the cycling holiday to remember. You can view our recommended hotels etc here but don't hesitate to contact us for information and guidance as to the best places to stay on the island.



“Thanks for a great training camp, Greg.

The cycling routes were brilliant; enjoyable and challenging in equal measure and the scenery in Gran Canaria was amazing.


Just what I needed to get my cycling mojo back!” 

—  Emma Needham



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Velo Nirvana Cycling Training Gran Canar

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